What’s Step Two Again?

Hey all Eric Kimball here.  I’m the guy that suggested that Allison start down the dark path webcomics back in the day and help her set up the site.  So in exchange for ruining her life she’s letting me break in here for a moment to promote a Kickstarter I have running right now. Yes, like everyone else and their dog I have a kickstarter.

I am trying to raise the funds to get a printing of my children’s book “Sarah’s Missing Shadow”.  It’s a story of a little girl who’s shadow goes missing and she has to go to find it.  Granted there is a flaw in the book in it does no contain knitting but I am hoping you can overlook this technical error.  You can see more about the project here on the kickstarter page:


If you want to see the story of the book you can watch a narrated version of it here.  Hopefully you will like it despite the lack of knitting in it:

Thanks for your time and consideration.  I now send you back to your normal comic already in progress.

Knit Princess Book Three is now available!  As always, it includes over 100 collected comics and five knitting patterns.  You can get it at Amazon.com.  Enjoy!

As you can see from the above, we’ve got a new artist!  Please welcome Gilly Hathaway to the Knit Princess Team!

It looks like Knit Princess will be needing another new artist. Jemma needs to focus on her schoolwork going into her last semester.

Are you an artist or do you know of one?  Show me what you can do and the job could be yours!  Knitters or those with knowledge of knitting preferred, must be willing to keep up with a twice weekly posting schedule.

Email me at ThePrincess@knitprincess.com with samples for this open call for a new Knit Princess Artist!


Hi everyone-

I’m sure you’ve noticed the delay on this week’s comic.  The Artist has been ill, so we’re giving her a week off to recover her strength.  We’ll be back next Tuesday.  Sorry!

The Princess