It looks like Knit Princess will be needing another new artist. Jemma needs to focus on her schoolwork going into her last semester.

Are you an artist or do you know of one?  Show me what you can do and the job could be yours!  Knitters or those with knowledge of knitting preferred, must be willing to keep up with a twice weekly posting schedule.

Email me at with samples for this open call for a new Knit Princess Artist!


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  1. Seina

    A paid artist? Or…?

  2. dranorter

    Jemma’s art will be missed!

  3. Jeff D.

    When you brought on Jemma the change in style was pretty strong. See if you can arrange a subtler change this time.

  4. Nevyn

    Hmm… I love this comic, and I can draw and knit… but I just don’t think I could produce such high quality work. (People I can draw, backgrounds, the cat, etc, not so much.) I hope someone takes it up!

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