A Small Task

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  1. Cat

    Perhaps you should switch to espresso, It would work faster… 😉

  2. Mujaki

    13,000 patterns? So she’ll have 6,500 pairs of mismatched socks!

  3. Umbri

    Same. Cept caffeine pills :c

  4. Ashley

    I could knit a year ago but was more of a crocheter until I stumbled on this comic. I dug in the bottom of “1” of my stash bins, baskets, bags, closets until I found my knitting needles. I am so hooked!!! Thank you Knit Princess for giving me a useful addiction. The homeless shelter I will be volunteering at will apprectiate the scarves, hats etc.

  5. Selina

    Challenge accepted!

  6. Lisa Harrigan

    Hey, one of the new looks is MisMatched socks. So Yes, you can do one of each pattern and mix and match. No more second sock ennui. Enjoy!

  7. Arkali

    Meh. I miss Cat. Artist 2 gave the cat lots of face time and it was awesome – Cat was treated like an actual character. Now she’s not even there 🙁

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