A Furry Assistant

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  1. Lise Mendel

    OK, now I *know* you’ve got a spy camera in my home… :/

  2. Sarah

    LOL – This reminds me of several kitties I have known/had through the years.

  3. Cat

    Oh, yeah. Couldn’t care less until you get busy knitting, then it is alllll kitty, allll the time…

  4. Slicey

    It reminds me a bit of my sisters fat cat.
    She would happily ignore everyone for hours on end, then suddenly decide ‘I WANT PETTINGES!’ lumper up to you, sit down in front of you and stare at you and start gently patting, batting and pawing you until she got what she wanted. The more you ignore the more insistent she got until she was in your lap silent meowing pawing your boobs and giving you sad kitty eyes all the while cutting off the circulation to your legs with her girth.

  5. Slicey

    also does anyone else notice that in the third panel the yarn ball dies then comes back ot like in the 4th?

  6. Selina

    Oh I just love the face in the third panel!

  7. Gerda

    Weeeeeell it’s not THAT different with little children ;D

  8. Silke from Vienna

    gnhihi, this reminds me of my very big, black, 7.5kg cat!
    When he feels he needs “mommys love” so very urgently, he won’t be willing to wait until I put away my knitting. He crawls upon my lap – or merely on my belly – and kind of throws himself down to be petted. Sometimes, I am even frightened he might get hurt by the needles…

  9. Jeyara

    Hey, a cat-hat is better than stomping her nipples and trying to use her hands as a bed. He’s even holding on on his own!

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