Knitting Display

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  1. Cat

    Yeah, grabbing random strangers off the street to show your knitting to, tends to make people not go by your house anymore… When does your room mate get home?

  2. Jessica

    Okay. I LOVE the artwork this week. Just, love it. I love that the windows look like bars and the cat is sleeping with the yarn ball as a pillow. And the look on Knit Princess’ face is great! She looks so sad! I hope Roomie gets home soon and shows a lot of interest in the work Knit Princess has done.

  3. Mouse

    I’m still hoping that there will be another knit princess artist soon. Whoever is currently doing the art may be doing the best they can, but the current comics look like they were cut out of construction paper and glued together. If I wanted to see that, I’d be watching South Park.

  4. Umbri

    Hahaaa I know that feeling.
    When I’m done with something I dance around the house trying to show it to everyone. Only my mother and older sister are appreciative, my dad and younger I usually just get a half hearted ‘great…’
    So I show it to them all several times till I’m content, and they’ve seen every little bit of it.

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