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  1. Cat

    Yep… KNEW that the room mate was going to be overwhelmed with knitterly goodness!

  2. Umbri

    When trying to figure out if the roomate’s lack of hands was based more on personality or artist’s negligence, or even writer’s direction.
    I suddenly realized. :< where'd the cutesy bold lines go from the first few comics of the new artist?
    I really loved how dynamic and organic they were then, now I feel things have run down to practically cut outs….
    I'm often the one defending the art here, but its just feeling a bit more bland than usual…

  3. Selina

    That is an good point Umbri I forgot about the lines until you pointed it out. They were really pretty and made it seem much more cutesy.

  4. Binxygirl

    I just thought the roommate had her hands behind her back…I never thought that the artist forgot to give her hands…I to liked the older style of the comic, but I think that if we give the new artist a chance she will grow on us… and btw I love the look on the roommate’s face in the last box,

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