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  1. Mouse

    This style is a *huge* improvement on the last one. Hopefully it’ll last.

  2. Livvyrat

    I love this style! The KP looks so pretty now 🙂

    The way she’s holding her knitting looks weird though.

  3. Cat

    Poor kitty… : D

  4. Maggie

    Ooo, I dig the new look! I’ve liked the last few, as well, but I think this is a real winner.

    (although, again with the knitting … this is a site where your audience will know what knitting looks like. Needles face down, not up, and the stitches are distributed across them. I know, I know, it’s nitpicky — but knitting is, after all, kind of the point of the comic!)

  5. Clare

    OK, yeah, I like this new artist better so far. But please, please tell me KP is just holding the needles that way to… Uh… Hide her chest? Protect herself from cat scratches? Get ready to stab intruders?

  6. Amy

    I like the style a lot! It is really visually appealing…but I agree on the knitting needles. They need to be more realistically angled. But that is my only issue. The rest is fabulous!

  7. Moni

    Aw, and I was just getting used to the previous style (liked it, but it always takes getting used to a change).

    I’ve seen people knit holding the needles in that position (mostly people from certain parts of the UK), but not with their hands like that. Generally, if the ends of the needles are up at that sort of angle, the hands are turned the opposite direction. (See pictures of Gromit from Wallace & Gromit for the usual method.)

  8. Livvyrat

    Looking at it again, I think this is my favorite style yet!

  9. mouse

    I’m glad to see the feelings of the cat are shown some consideration, but yeah, the knitting has to look right. She looks like she’s holding her needles like drumsticks – great for drumming, not so much for knitting.

  10. Amy

    I agree Livvyrat…I love the artistic style.

  11. Angel.N

    Beautiful! Love it! I hold my knitting like that sometimes… Usually it’s after I’ve gotten very excited and before I drop my WIP on the floor sans needles… Oops! I think KP is just excited about her new look! 😉

  12. Ashleigh

    As an earlier commenter pointed out during one of the last changes of artists, this knitting style reflects- at least in my limited, cursory research- a Victorian-era style of needle holding. It made it way more difficult, but was considered at the time to be more “dainty”. C’mon, knitters, know your history, and be proud! 🙂

  13. Amy

    I know the history…just could never even try to knit that way without major hand cramps. 😉 My fingers are locking up just thinking about it.

  14. Vita

    I’ve seen this artist’s work from some of her very first days, watching her in class scribbling, painting, blending with pastels, wearing erasers to nubs. While we weren’t close friends, she wasn’t shy in sharing her sketch books FULL of Anime I didn’t understand, but thought was incredibly pretty. I’m so glad, and so proud, Gilly, to see your dreams of being a professional artist starting to come true.

  15. Selina

    I love this artist. It is so perfect. Its in my top for favorite style so far. 🙂

  16. Hissy Stitch

    I like the new style, but I agree — knitters don’t hold their needles like that. Try it yourself if you’re a knitter. There’s a dainty, lady-like style where ONE needle is held pencil-like, but the other needle is held with the hand over it, palm down. Most knitters hold their needles with both hands palm down, needles under the hands. I do wish that illustrators, graphic artists, textile designers, cartoonists, and everyone else who depicts knitters in one art form or another would look at actual knitters instead of showing the same stereotyped and totally incorrect needle position that they see other artists depict. This IS the Knit Princess, after all. It’s a knitting cartoon.

  17. 1656dogs

    now look younger

  18. Jeyara

    I REALLY like this artist so far! It’s got the liveliness of the second artist and the distinctive cuteness of the original!

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