The Stash

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  1. Knitted Juggler

    Aww! The cat looks so concerned in the cutest way possible. This is great!

  2. Cat

    I hate it when that happens!!!

  3. Amy

    EPIC! My husband says the same things when I say yarn diet. 🙂 Oh…and still loving the new drawing style.

  4. Raven

    YES!! I felt feverish when I destashed the last time..not that it helped, its all still sitting in my livingroom 😀 Love how Basement Cat is all worried too

  5. Slicey

    i love how the kitty made a little bed in the yarn after she went a bit crazy

  6. Orlah Ehontas

    Yea-ah, … um, …. I’m thinking that the Roommate should be checking for large green plants in the basement right now. You know, the ones with the huge, GIANT cucumbers attached to them?

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