Kitten Part 8

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  1. kisavalkyrie

    O- I’ve seen this before. Kitten- play with me!, Cat- O hell NO

  2. Anna

    This is so much like our cat when we found our kitten. Awesome!

  3. Nin

    Ah! Poor kitty! Though, this was sort of how Tiger and Neko was before they became best pals.

  4. Crystal

    We had an older cat who would do that. Uno would sit in the kitchen with her tail twitching, Peaches would come up to bat at the tail and she would send him rolling across the floor. 8 years later he is twice her size and still scared of her.

  5. Kim

    I had a cat that did that to the dog, a lab. Freaking hysterical.

  6. Cat

    But, when it comes to the yarn, you know they will ‘gang up’… Heh.

  7. Eva

    There will be no playtime!

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