Yoga =/= Knitting

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  1. Takaal

    OMG, this is SO true. I do both, and I have yet to sustain an accidental injury when knitting!!

  2. CK

    In the few times I’ve tried yoga, I have never stabbed my hsband in the face. Yet, with knitting…

  3. Tabitha


  4. Will

    True, yoga is nothing like knitting. But I love them both!

  5. Kirsten

    I’m the opposite, I’ve gotten injured while knitting but never while doing yoga. Yoga just hurts more than a number 8 needle in the left bumcheek.

  6. Jeyara

    I used to do yoga. I was told to stop doing it when I seriously damaged my weak back doing an otherwise-perfect pose (that one that’s the same shape as the cobra pose, except you balance on your forearms with your feet stretched above your head. The spirit was strong but the flesh was fragile and befitting a prepubescent girl). Now I knit, and I worry that it’s aggravating my arthritis instead of helping fight it. Also, I’m barely 23.

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