Sweater Problems Part 8

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  1. Gweithgar

    Having just finished 3 times of ripping out and restarting the knit on border of a lace shawl (finally got the stitch count correct and the first 15 rows done and it looks good this time!) I can feel the Princess’s pain. But, as EZ famously said, if you aren’t willing to rip out you should not even pick up a pair of needles, I’ve ripped out a LOT, but I’ve never been sorry once the object was finished.

  2. Anna

    Sometimes I wonder if I am this crazy or if this is my reality. :)

  3. Eva

    Gweithgar, I’m all about knitting straight scarves in stockinette. It’s hard to screw that up so bad you need to rip it out! :)

  4. Lex


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