What the?

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  1. Connie

    It would be sooooo much easier if the princess selected a 8stitch repeat for her first sock design…..

  2. L

    9 repeats and a ‘stocking line’ up the back or the inside ankle? Inside ankle might be less disruptive, as the extra stitch could be the stitch just before the ’round start’ marker.

  3. qka

    Or 7 + 1?

    Or 9 * (7 + 2) + 1?

  4. qka

    Ooops on my math – should be

    7 * (7 + 2) + 1

  5. Eva

    Yup, here is exactly the outcome I expected. *sigh*

    Push through, Princess. Or call a friend who designs patterns for help.

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