It is with a certain degree of sadness that I announce that Knit Princess will be ending.  After six and a half years and more than 700 comics, it is time to say goodbye to the Princess, Roomie, the Cat and the Kitten.  The last episode will be uploaded on June 4, 2015.

Be assured that the comic itself isn’t going anywhere.  It will still be maintained on the Knit Princess web site for the foreseeable future.  The web site itself will continue to be updated with new pattern information and periodic blog posts by me.  I also have some bigger plans in the works, so stay tuned for announcements of all kinds.

I’d like to thank all of you for your support over the years.  I’ll miss meeting fans at shows and hearing your comments about the comics.  It’s been great meeting people from all over who enjoy knitting as much as I do.  I’ve had lots of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without Knit Princess and I’m truly grateful for them.

Thank you and happy knitting.


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  1. Sammy M

    I can’t tell u how much I have enjoyed this comic. I will miss it and all it’s knitting craziness. May Good things come to U ! Take care and Thank U!!!

  2. Kris

    So saddened! I have loved your comic! Thank you for years of knitting fun!

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