Color, or a Lack Thereof

It’s been two months that I’ve been working with black and grey yarn.  You read that right: TWO MONTHS of almost exclusively black and grey double knitting where the biggest excitement was changing from black on a grey background to grey on a black background.  I’ve been doing it for a good cause – a top secret gift for a friend of mine – but that’s a lot of black and grey.  I’ve been afraid to set it aside for fear I’d never pick it back up again.  But see here:


That is the remaining yarn left from this project.  That’s right! I never have to work on it again!  (I can’t show you the project quite yet, but photos will be forthcoming sometime in December.)

Of course, I wasn’t completely faithful with my project.  I made a quickie baby hat for a co-worker’s soon-to-be-born munchkin.  And then it happened.  The soon-to-be mama came to me with a request.  She wanted a hat for the new baby’s going home outfit (which I didn’t know was A Thing) and for newborn pictures (which I do know is a A Thing).  I rarely take on commission work.  Sure, I knit for other people periodically, but generally I have plenty of knitting and designing projects of my own.  I’m a sucker for baby things, though.  They’re so little and cute and quick to knit.  The mom and I went back and forth on hat patterns and designs and so on and so forth.  When it came down to it, she really just wanted another one of the same hat I just made only sized for a newborn.  And this is the color she wanted:


Sigh…  I know.  I took a quick break from black and grey to knit with cream.

Still, the hat went so quickly that I did a pair of newborn socks too.  They each took an evening, so it was no big deal, although the mom was thrilled.  And I went immediately back to Ol’ Black and Grey.  It was a solid push through, but the project is done.  And guess what I get to work with next:


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