Just Say No!

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  1. Dusty

    Damn you princess! Yesterday I was having lunch at one of my all time favorite places, “Hot Dog on a Stick!,” and all I could think about when I looked at those pointy wooden sticks that were left after finish off my corndogs was your knitting needles being used to toast marshmallows! I am forever scarred. I will always think of knitting needles every time I enjoy a tasty corn dog from now on.

    By the way her roommate is being rather heartless today.

  2. Jessica

    I think it’s a good thing that the roommate didn’t respond with, “Why don’t you just leave the knitting at home then?” I imagine that wouldn’t have gone over well!

  3. Knitwit

    Oh my! That’s exactly why I never go camping anymore! XDDD

  4. Laura

    i’m immune to poison ivy.

    i’ve also never had a problem with knitting while camping. i LOVE camping.

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