Auntie Princess’ Knitting Tips 08

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  1. Razor

    LOL I’ve felt like this, after working hard on something…and realize I’ve dropped a stitch. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!”

  2. alistrinaknits

    *Snork*! I like the Huge Muckin’ Shears from a couple of months ago…

  3. Dusty

    Am I the only one who votes? This comic is too cute to be in the 5-600’s. 🙁

  4. Alex

    uuugh its especially terrible to drop a stitch if you’re doing any sort of intarsia knitting, especially in the round. omg I’ve had so many problems with it….

  5. madison

    alex, what if you drop a stitch in *lace*? that’s where the comic’s second option comes in, for me.

  6. Johanna

    I’m working on my first circular lace shawl, and have to figure out how I got an EXTRA stitch before I start the next lace pattern. Hmmm…

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