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  1. museumgrack

    My little black cat does the EXACT same thing… pushy brat

  2. Lauren

    OMG! My cats do that when I am knitting. Or eat the yarn. Sometimes its just to eat the yarn.

  3. Razor

    LOL my cats do that too. Tai (little black cat) is content to lay on my lap while I knit. Izzy (grey tabby) lays on my pattern or plays with my yarn so I have to stop and pet her. Yoshi (big ragdoll) gets in my face and insists I stop knitting and give him every iota of attention…which I invariably do. (I must have ‘sucker’ written in catspeak on my forehead!)

  4. Jeanne B.

    This is Ophelia. She does this all the time! Sits right on my pattern, right on whatever I’m knitting. Gah! Then there are the ones that pat at the needle ends, or worse—bite them! Subtle? NOT!

  5. amjl81

    My cats do the same thing…except then they start to eat the yarn. *Sighs* I always wanted a cat who would sit on my lap while I knitted. I am NOT old!

  6. 1656dogs


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