Letters to Princess 01

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  1. SusanTheCat

    YAY! Best solution ever!

  2. Hissy Stitch

    Could it simply be that during one’s dating years, the average relationship lifespan is about the same time it takes to knit a sweater? Just hypothesizing here.

  3. Dusty

    “I highly endorse it! Let’s try it at once!”

  4. Knitwit


  5. flaming cherries

    I actually made a scarf for a guy told him about the cursewhen I gave it to him ..he laughed said that was to funny…didn’t hear from him again for 6 months and never dated again

  6. flaming cherries

    that should say never dated him again

  7. Christine

    Hissy Stitch: that’s the theory I’ve heard. More so: novice knitters get really excited, and start a sweater early on. More experience knitters start it later, because “hey, I know how to knit, I can make him a sweater” doesn’t kick in.

    I knit my now-husband a sweater for our first Christmas. Yes, he picked the yarn and (mostly) the pattern, but it wasn’t to foil the curse. It was so that he’d bother wearing it. (He has issues with it and rarely wears it. I don’t blame him).

  8. Techhead

    I’m not a knitter myself, but my mom is one.
    My theory is that they were planning on breaking up and waited for the sweater to be finished.

  9. Amikins

    I did this once. Dated a guy, he saw the flames sweater from the 2nd stitch and bitch book and wanted it. i pointed the sweater curse out to him, and of course he thought it was silly. I started it and he dumped me before it was finished. By the time it was finished i was over him. And it’s one of my favorite lounging around sweaters.

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