Trials of the Artist 03: by Melody

This is comic number 150!

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  1. Razor

    My cats do this all the time. I finish something and BOOM they’re laying on it, claiming it as theirs.

    I’ve lost several projects this way. =\

  2. Auntie M

    I just gave a Season 18 Doctor Who scarf to an artist friend of mine. I wonder how many seconds it was at her house before it was owned by Her Cat? 😀
    Yes, they use Lion Brand Suede Yarn and are wonderfully soft and fuzzy. Luckily, they are also washable. 😉

  3. Dr. Leon Sisk

    Hmm. I read all of it already? What a shame >_< I wanted more.

  4. 1656dogs

    just about

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