The only way that is possible…

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  1. Vogerl

    made me chuckle, thanks :3

  2. CraftyGryphon

    So very true. My husband swears he knows I’m sick if I don’t feel like knitting…!

  3. christine

    this happened to me just last night…

  4. Karen

    Now THAT’S sick. Poor Knit Princess.

    And Vogerl, what is that in your hand? A baby squirrel?

  5. Razor

    It’s true! the only time I don’t knit is when I’m sick. The last time I was sick I bemoaned how I I had so much time for knitting…and all I felt like doing was sitting on the couch and watching tv.

    Poor KP! Hope she feels better soon!

  6. 1656dogs

    good call

  7. Orlah Ehontas

    Silly question? Where did she get the thermometer? Hammerspace? The two of them never moved & KP’s legs are in her lap.

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