Auntie Princess’ Knitting Tips 01

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  1. Cricket

    Great timing! Upcoming project will probably involve me buying my first ever skein. Last big one involved tearing out kms of old project. Checking prices of ball winders now.

  2. jLitwin

    That’s too funny! The poor cat!

  3. TheDailyKnitter

    That is the most apt demonstration that I have ever seen 😉

    Keep it up!

  4. Ally

    It’s a hank… not a skein. Hanks aren’t wound, skeins are.

  5. kate

    hank, skein, whatevs.

  6. Melody

    Haha! Sorry, that’s probably my fault. I’m the artist, but I’m not a knitter so when I get the scripts, I get a little confused with some of the terms.

  7. chelli

    that is what discouraged me, sept i tight it up and cant get it undone.

  8. Julesbug


  9. pyrrha

    It IS a skein, there are just regional differences in terms. Some places call it a hank, but most call it a skein.

  10. lindhume

    How about knitting tips? FOr example, you can use an empty Rx bottle to secure the end of a skein and then wind the yarn around and around the plastic bottle … they come in different sizes, too, depending on whether you need a large one for heavier yarns … etc. Also, try stretching the yarn across your knees, sit up straight, and wind while talking with anyone who won’t be offended if you wind while you talk ….. LOL

  11. technogranny

    I invite my” knitting friend” over for a cuppa and home bake. Then she holds the hanks while I hand wind them into a ball.”captivated audience” and wonderfull chat time. One day I’ll destash.

  12. Veronica

    A fellow blogger pointed out your site to me and I have enjoyed going through all of Knit Princesses’ antics. I am very pleased to pass on the Sunshine Award to you. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to – just bask in the glow of the sun! Here’s info on the award:

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