We’re looking for all your best knitting horror stories.  Infestation of moths?  157 knots in a skein of yarn?  Run out of yarn with one row of knitting left?  We want to hear about it.
Our four favorite stories will get an exclusive illustation by the Very Excellent Melody Moore!  The illustrations and stories will be revealed throughout the month of October.  Readers will get to vote on their favorite story!
The four finalists will win autographed copies of Knit Princess Collection Book #1 with five patterns and pages and pages of Knit Princess comics!
The Grand Prize Winner will get a Superfabulous Prize Package with an autographed book, a Knit Princess T Shirt and a complete set of character buttons!
Send your stories to ThePrincess@knitprincess.com by August 31 for your chance to win!

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  1. SJPaterson

    oops, how do I get rid of my stupid mistake above? 🙂 I need coffee…and I need to READ the whole paragraph before I post my story…

  2. Allison

    Taken care of for you! 🙂

  3. trek

    Way back when I was in school, I decided to knit myself a black sweater. I worked hard and finished the back and half of the front. For some reason, it got stuffed in the back of the closet. I revisited it one night when I couldn’t sleep. I knitted feverishly (maybe literally??) and completed the front – with the gauge way off from the back – think 1/3 smaller and you have the idea. I ripped it out and stuffed it into the closet. Some years later, after knitting my three year old a sweater, I went to my mother’s and dug out the old sweater. I decided to start over again. I knit an up-size of the one I’d knit for my child. Everything was right except that I didn’t realize that the gauge was in St and not in pattern and it was way too small for me. I finished it and gave it away for a Christmas present but in process ran out of black yarn and had to make a burgundy stripe across the chest so as to have enough yarn. I bought new yarn and cast of to make myself a black sweater vest. I had to fuss with the neckline three times before I got it right and it fit. Then I lost a huge amount of weight and I had to give it away. Couldn’t bear to rip it out. I ordered new yarn. This was an eco-wool and supposed to be black. It was dark chocolate brown. I knit it up anyway and it is a nice sweater but not black. Ordered more yarn. This is really black. Coal black. The body is on a long circular needle and one sleeve is ready to join. The other sleeve is an embryonic cuff. It has been 95° every day and this is not conducive to having wool on the lap. Will I ever knit myself a black sweater which fits in the long term and I like???

    Maybe not a terribly tragic knitting disaster but I still don’t have a self-knit black sweater that fits properly.

  4. turtle

    i have two, i was knitting on an online KAL and had had a couple of cakes of yarn for awhile that i felt the urge to stash dive for and use.(being good to my pocket book) The second cake had more breaks than ever! I lost count on the number of splices i had to make, literally dozens in the one cake! Along with the beading on this shawl it took forever, but i did get the skein used and knit, the shawl is lovely, but if not for being stubborn (and frugal)… i would have thrown it out the window.

    My second knit project was to make a shawl. The pattern did not show measurements, just xsmall to large. Well, being a chesty girl i made the large size. This shawl had to have more yarn purchased for it twice! The end result cost 100.00 and seriously could be a tree skirt at xmas. It ended up huge! Could not even think of it staying on my shoulders…. this will someday be frogged but for now, i like to just softly laugh about it.

  5. Robin

    To date: I had a project. It was socks, it was little, it went everywhere. I’d just heard of self-patterning yarn, and had gotten it at a little yarn shop while on vacation somewhere up the California coast. I come back from one of my daughter’s friend’s house. Unknowing to me, the nice round hand-wound ball (I hate center-pull skeins to work from) didn’t quite make it into the car. As best as we can tell, it totally unwound all the way down the road and all I was left with was about 10 yards. I haven’t done socks from a pattern since then.

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