Just One More…

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  1. Seanna Lea

    Now that is my life! Between that and Loopy Ewe’s frequent buyer benefit…. Oh look. I’m almost to the next credit amount. If I buy this, I’ll be able to get a discount next time! It’s a wonder I can pay for anything else!

  2. Clare K. R. Miller

    Yeah, I know the feeling.

    And you have to get the free shipping, right? Because you’re going to buy more stuff from that store in the future anyway, so you may as well pay less in the long run…

  3. Robyn

    Heh, story of my life.

  4. mouse

    Oh man – that is so me. Just yesterday I fell afoul of the “discount on orders over $$$” deal.

    Well, hey, I’ll use it all _sometime_, right?

  5. 1656dogs

    famose last wordes/allways

  6. Orlah Ehontas

    Curse you, anonymous giant on-line shopping mall! Curse you, and your free shipping on any order over $35.00!!!

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