Little Brother 02

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  1. Seanette

    Little Brother obviously has much to learn. 🙂

  2. AmberRae

    Much much to learn little brother! Aha, if my sister did that I would have freaked out.

  3. Jessica

    I love the artwork with her facial expressions. She looks so angry!

  4. Vogerl

    I like the “Gonna have to stab you”-look on her face 😀

  5. Meg

    He said no to free yarn?! Princess is right to be angry!
    (I drew you a picture.)

  6. TheGeek

    Well at least he can read sister death stare.

  7. Selina

    He must be new to her knitterly ways.

  8. Jeyara

    I could practically HEAR the iciness in Princess’s line in the last panel!

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