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  1. Yarnartist

    Thank you for sharing your cartoons – I enjoy reading them. Please be sure to let people know that cats and yarn can be deadly – to the cat. If they swallow yarn, it can wrap around their intestines and must be surgically removed. In some cases, if you see an end coming out of either end of the cat, and you pull on it, you can actually cut something inside the cat, causing death. My sister’s cat nearly died from ingesting yarn. The $3000 vet bill would have done some serious stash enhancement.

  2. Melanie


  3. Karen

    A couple of years ago, I heard of a lovely cat for adoption. I asked what toys she’d been trained to play with, & to know were “hers.” He jauntily replied,”Oh, any type of string or rope!”

    She adopted me, anyway. No casualties (WIPs or feline) yet. There are occasionally some tense moments, tho.

  4. S. Malkah Cohen

    Absolutely right, Yarnartist! We lost a wonderfully warm-hearted ditz-kitty when he got into my stash & found some “delicious” specialty yarn with a metallic strand. We gladly paid over $2,500, but it was already so thoroughly entwined into his intestines even major surgery couldn’t save him! Now I store EVERYTHING in zip bags inside project bags and am VERY careful with what’s accessible.

    (Many thanks to Lauren & Gittele for introducing me to this wonderful series!)

  5. 1656dogs

    it’s true my dog uses my stash as a toy! {s.malkah cohen} thanks for the tip i’ll try it

  6. Anne


  7. KittyKnitter

    Ouch, YA & Malkah! I’m glad none of our inside kittys are all more or less ‘meh’ towards the stash mom and I have. Though, I have one that’s claimed my bedroom as hers and I’ve got some of my stash stored outside of my closet (Tiny-arsed thing that it is, but at least I have one. Mom and dad don’t have one in their bedroom at all. Old houses, don’cha love ’em?). But the minute she shows any kinda interest in them, it’s ALL going into the closet, screw my clothing. As for the ziploc bags, I use ’em to store my WIPs, especially my smaller ones, when I’m taking them to and from work, or elsewhere. Keeps the stuff together pretty decent.

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