Tale of Knitting Horror Finalist #2

A Terrible Turn of Events – Tales of Knitting Horror Finalist #2

I was balling yarn using my swift, kitchen aid mixer, and empty toilet paper roll. (shove the toilet paper roll on the moving part of the mixer, tie the yarn to the roll, turn on mixer) I increased the speed a little too much and the roll fell off the mixer and hit the floor next to the dogs water dish. I bent forward to pick it up, got my hair stuck in the swift (one of the metal ones), my pants stuck on the cabinet handle behind me (corner cabinet lazy-susan style door) and the door opened up and whacked me on the butt which caused me to lose my balance and almost smacked my head into the wall across from me, and the poor yarn was covered in fur. After this, I convinced my partner that I should buy a tabletop ball winder.


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  1. Christine

    Is it a bad thing that I’m hearing this cautionary tale, and all I can think is “my mixer! I should try that!” ?

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