Tales of Knitting Horror Finalist #3

Things Take a Turn for the Adorable

Everyone knows kittens and yarn crafting do not typically bode well together.  I knew this, so I was going to be smarter than my cat!  I brought home a tiny kitten a few years back, who instantly took a liking to my yarn crafting habits.  I decided to find a big Tupperware container to store my current project in.  Sturdy, large and sealable to keep kitten out, perfect!!

I’d been keeping her in the bathroom while I was at work for awhile since she was very small and I wasn’t there to watch her.  When she got larger I figured it was time to let her have the run of the house while I was gone.

I rushed home after her first day out on her own only to find my Tupperware idea hadn’t quote gone to plan.  The lid must not have been snapped firmly in place.

Have you ever seen those Family Circus cartoons where Billy is running all over the house or neighborhood and they have the dotted black line to show his irregular trail?  Imagine that black dotted line is a brand new 600 yard skein of wool, the neighborhood is my entire 900 square foot apartment and Billy is my cat.

It was run from the living room to the kitchen, around EVERY chair leg, table legs, under the stove, around the counter stools, back around the table, back to the living room around and under every single piece of furniture, into the bedroom, but and around the bed, under the bed around and over all the dressers, into the bathroom…… It literally filled the apartment.

I kick myself to this day for not taking photos of this, but I walked in and there she was fast asleep in the middle of it all.  If it wasn’t so dang funny she would have been out the door.  She still “helps” me unroll balls of yarn to this day.


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  1. mythicalmagpie

    So cute!!!!

  2. mouse

    heh. i had a cat like that. i shared a little 2-story house with a guy; i had the two upstairs room (sort of a finished attic), he had two downstairs rooms and we shared the kitchen, etc. at that time, i was more into crocheting – i was making a granny-square afghan. had a whole basket of different colored balls of yarn. came home one day, and there was yarn all through the house, upstairs and down. apparently, the kitten had gotten into the yarn basket, chased one ball around…and when that was completely unrolled or lost, he just went and got another.

    i have no memory of cleaning that up. i also never ended up with a crocheted granny square afghan.

  3. 1656dogs

    my dog done that

  4. Denatured H2O

    I am so not a pet person. I don’t find clever animals getting in my things “cute.”

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