That Cat 09

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  1. Michelle

    Yup that’s what we have to do with my cat too…can’t get him in the crate, then once we get to the vet we have to take the thing apart to get him out!

  2. Tooeya

    This comic is wicked amusing. So much of it rings true. Makes me want to add sheep to the farm even more.
    About the sweater curse thing- It applies the other way around too, happened both times I’ve had a girlfriend.
    And I’ve been planning on felting a tent(and putting beeswax on the outside to waterproof it) for years. Partly haven’t done it due to fear of starting another such large project…Do want to knit and felt a hunting pack though, to stick around a wooden frame, which should be done some time this winter. Perhaps after these longjohns are done.
    And as a challenge to a fictional person: I bet I’m a crazier knitter than you, Knit Princess! I might not knit more, or fancier, but I knit everything I wear down to the boxers. Flax yarn is the key to wearable summer clothes.

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