Auntie Princess’ Knitting Tips 13

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  1. mouse

    Qiviut is awesomeness in a skein.

  2. winner

    for starters there is the musk

  3. Pam

    I love the kitteh hanging from the drapes! Nice touch!

  4. Cactus Wren

    I’ve long thought that qiviut is proof positive that knitters, as a group, are crazy. Someone looked at a MUSK OX and thought, “I could knit that.”

  5. Mujaki

    Heh, reminded me of Sam & Max episode #102, “Situation: Comedy.”
    You’re forced to make strange TV shows, including “Midtown Cowboys,” a wacky sitcom about hiding a cow from your landlord (who’s a chicken).

  6. Crystal

    When I was growing up my mom had an angora rabbit that would sit on her lap and she could spin from him. Snowball was the sweetest bunny and loved when my mom did demonstrations.
    I also agree that knitters/spinners are crazy when looking for new fibers. Who would think of cooking cocoons to unravel them before spinning it into thread? Or getting fiber from big dangerous animals?

  7. Karen

    @ Cactus Wren: Musk ox on one end of the crazy spectrum… harvesting fiber caught on remote Himalayan shrubs that have been traipsed through by especially fabu, shedding, Nepalese mountain goats, on the other!

  8. Jeyara

    I SO want a bunny, and while angora rabbits seem too difficult to keep clean with all their fluffy fur and rabbit droppings, that doesn’t stop me from WANTING one.

    I do fully intend to determine, once I have one, if Samoyed (hypoallergenic FLUFFY dog breed) fur spins and knits well ^_^

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