THE Project 11

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  1. Chra

    wow really nice style! will it stay? it looks so much nicer, neater and better processed.

  2. glass_skunk

    woohoo new artist! though i love it, i am jealous cuz i wanted that job before it was even open 😛

  3. Z

    Eh, I don’t care for the new style. If the artist cannot produce the comic anymore she might as well end it instead of handing it off to someone else.

  4. Turtle King

    Omigosh!!! I LOVE this!!! Even though I know we’re all gonna miss the old Artist…

  5. Laynie

    Awww, how cute!! I’ll miss Melody’s cute art, but I also like the new look of things. Welcome, Jemma… looks like you’ve hit the ground running!

  6. Pro-Portional Designs

    I dunno. I think I’d rather this be handed off to a new artist than lose his comic. I’ve come to really like it

  7. werekitty13

    @Z: Actually, there is an artist and a writer. They’re two different people. Maybe the artist couldn’t take the time to do it anymore, but the writer wanted to continue.

  8. 1656dogs

    yes they look much better this way and there noses dont have sits on them anymore

  9. Sanisi

    I love it when characters break the 4th wall. Love the expressions.

  10. Jeyara

    I like the new style, but I already miss Princess’s old face. (Her specifically. There were cute things about the way she was drawn compared to the other characters.) I hope I get used to this quickly- and since what got me into the series was the writing, I probably will ^_^

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