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  1. Cactus Wren

    Is today’s strip set in my house?!

  2. MinnieMay9

    I never seem to have problems finishing the first one…it’s the second one that always gets me…

  3. Turtle King

    Maybe we should Tteach her two-at-a-time, so she’ll never suffer from First-Sock-Syndrome ever again!!!

  4. Jessica

    Uh oh.

  5. Kelly

    I am that person with all the first socks

  6. Reb320

    I don’t understand. Why not make a fist sock and then later make another sock with the same pattern/yarn. You can feel like you’re making a fist sock again, but then you’ll have two socks!
    Then again, I don’t crochet clothes so I donno.

  7. Pro-Portional Designs

    I know a lady who exclusively makes first socks. She just enjoys the pattern and then moves on

  8. Silke from Vienna

    I learned the magic loop technique, and so I knit both socks the same time. It’s just SOOO great! No first socks anymore, no counting, no having to remember or to write down… Amazingly terriffically wonderful 🙂 🙂

  9. Jeyara

    Teach her unconnected double-knitting! She’ll never knit one of a pair of socks again!

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