Mice Mythology

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  1. macsnafu

    Actually, I’m told that peanut butter makes better mouse bait than cheese.

  2. Wonkie cartoons

    macsnafu – you’re right.. in South Africa what seems to work best is tomato for some reason!

    Love this site 🙂

  3. Tabitha

    Peanut butter is better cuz the mouse can’t just pick it up and carry it away. The longer a mouse is on a trap the higher the chance the trap will be sprung.

  4. Razor

    KP, there is a chance you’re overthinking this just a tad. XD

  5. Jeyara

    Peanut butter is very good, because it has a strong scent and plenty of fat, simple-to-digest protein, and sugar. Rats enjoy strong, hard cheeses, but it kills mice. Blood pressure or something. That won’t be a “live” trap for very long.

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