Spinning Part 2

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  1. Knitchick

    Isn’t that the reality that we all face? XD
    I wonder where the cat is??

  2. TheGeek

    The same can be said about ‘How to Knit Videos’

  3. MissKineta

    I never learned from a video… I found a GREAT local spinner online and decided I would give it shot. Who knew it would be so addictive though. 😉

  4. Hissy Stitch

    The Princess is magic! She can spin with out treadling! Need to work on the drafting, dear.

  5. lindy

    Please ask the illustrator to check out a spinning wheel site. Like artists of hundreds of children’s illustrated books, many people believe that the fiber being spun goes around the wheel. There is a drive band (like a bicycle chain) that converts the revolutions of the wheel to the 10-12 fold revolutions of the small wheel of the spindle.

    The fiber enters the spindle at right angles to the rotation of the wheel, through a small orifice. So get the Princess off the couch onto a stool, and the wheel straight on, instead of in profile.

    Will she be buying a llama or musk ox soon? Advise her to start with a cute Angora bunny.

  6. Amanda

    I definitely agree with lindy. It doesn’t seem like the illustrator is doing great with this spinning wheel thing…. or with the comic about steeking (why would you steek a sweater with sleeves?!). I love the comic, but it would be nice if things were semi-accurate.

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