Free Patterns:

Lacy Scallops Hat

This toddler sized hat adds just a touch of lace for your favorite little lady.  It’s easily sized up into a fashionable grown up lady’s cloche!

click here to download

Feather and Fan Socks

These toe up socks have a simple lace pattern on the cuff.  They’re a good choice for your first toe up socks!

click here to download

Farrow Rib Socks

These simple top down socks have a rib to make them extra stretchy and they work well with variegated yarns!

click here to download

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  1. Bouncy

    Hey, I love reading your comic. I have one request though. If you have the pattern for the fish afghan, could you please post it. I’ve been looking all over the internet trying to find it and I would love to make it. I think my kid cousins would love it. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more of the story.

  2. Allison

    Hi there!

    The fish blanket pattern isn’t mine, so I can’t post it, but if you’re on, the pattern is called A Recipe for Fish. You can also find a link on my project page. I’m knitprincess over there. :)

  3. Rachel

    Very new to the site, but must say I’m in love already. Knitting comics AND patterns? And specifically a Princess hat for my Cinderella obsessed 3 yr old, OH YES!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will be back! *muhahahahahahahahaha!!!*

  4. amy

    My friends birthday is next week and she has one of the two books and I would like to buy her the other one with out her figuring it out. The book she already has is the one with the crown cap/reversible. If you can help out that would be wonderful. thanks, A

  5. BlossomCulp

    Hey been reading this comic for a while LOVE IT!! the New art work is really well done, I hope you keep up the wonderful work and add more patterns LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS!!

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